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PS3 or PS3 accessories like the dual shock controllers and their cheap prices are included by these catalogues. These catalogues are the ones which are published generally for the special days like Father’s Day or Easter holidays.

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Target Wii and Disney Infinity Christmas Deals

Two of the most popular game console varieties are available at Target with the very good price range of the Christmas Target Wii and Disney Infinity Christmas Dealscatalogue. Target Wii price is available with amiibo figures. Pikachu, Yoshi, Kirby and more characters can be yours. Moreover Wii U game cube is another deal of the game sale of Target on the new Christmas toy catalogue.


* Target Wii Amiibo Figures, $14 each
* Disney Infinity 2.0 starter pack, $74
It is a fair price for this one. Although you can have a lot more to see on the catalogue page I think this is kind of more limited one. Effective work they put on this catalogue allows you to meet the best entertainment products. Kids will love it. Also you will love the DVD movies because RED 2, The Wolf Of Wall Street are among the new DVD range of Target Christmas gift catalogue. Latest deals are featured with amazing prices.


Target’s video game sale is not limited with few. At this time Target has the main range of video games like GTA 5, Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare and more for XBOX one and Playstation 4. Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are naturally reduced to very low values.
* XBOX ONE $599

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Target Toy Sale Catalogue First Range May 2014

Target’s toy sale catalogues are published in the beginnings of the June-July each year and Australia’s biggest toy sale is the best Target Toy Sale Catalogue First Range May 2014one among all. In May third week which we are in we could see some of the starting products for new savings with a great number of toys. That catalogue I mentione is at least 60 pages and full of amazing toy brands like Lego and video game products and game consoles like Playstation 4.
Let’s know some of the most appearing brands on these Target toy sale catalogue and similar ones because Kmart also has got similar sort of range with toys. In fact all of the discount stores have such toy range in June-July. At least for one month, clearances, lowest prices and amazing new products of toys are going to be with you.


It is one of the most popular dolls, cars and baby toys producer. On this catalogue you can see its recycling track, Batman’s batcave and some more Batman toys. Fisher Price is also the brand whose products are reduced at most and even if we got a regular Target Catalogue for example clothing catalogue it would contain a list of Fisher Price toys. It also produce some toys special for Spider Man or Batman as we can see on the pg; 2.


One of the baby toys producing great brand with 20% off on this catalogue’s products exhibited on pg; 3. Little Tikes produce children’s furniture too. Visit their official page to check for more products than Target’s exhibition. Do not miss out this wonderful Little Tikes products:
* 2-in-1 turtle, $39 pg; 3
* Rock N spin, $54
* Fun safe mirror, $54


LeapReader, LeapPad are couple of examples from this brand which is a master of electronic toys. These are for educational area for kids who love to learn with the way of digital world. With useful softwares, internet connection and visual elements they are in much more easier way of learning.
* LeapPad 2 bundle, $120 pg; 5
* LeapFrog leapReader bundle, $79
* Leapster Explorer, $29


I don’t feel it is necessary to explain this brand with a long article but I must admit that I always first look for the Lego toys in a catalogue. Target is one of them publishing catalogues with most numbers of Lego Toys. Construction and puzzle type toys for kids let them improve the intelligence of creativity.
* Lego Batman the riddler chase, $39
* Lego Juniors spider-man car, $12


Only brand of toy guns for fun including some squirt guns, foam based weapon or similar products. With the brands I previously mentioned it is one of the most appearing brand of toys. Every catalogue of toys by Target is absolutely containing Nerf toys.
* Nerf Elite N strike alpaha trooper, $19 pg; 7
* Rebelle guardian crossbow, $29


Among oldest master of toys and all type of entertainments for kids. This is a huge brand you may see every type of products made for children. Amazing product range can only be expected from Disney. If you see a Australian catalogue including toys and if it belongs to a retailer that is not brand of toys it would certainly contains prices and current products of Disney.
* Disney Toy Story basic figures, $11 pg; 6
* Disney Planes, pg; 8

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Target Video Game Consoles and Entertainment Electronics Easter Sale

Each year before Easter we know that Target likes to release new prices for the game consoles and some particular entertainment Target Video Game Consoles and Entertainment Electronics Easter Saleelectronics that are preferred by most gamers. Among players there is popularity of each game console are in a competition and this competition is varying upon the games run by these consoles. I can say that there is a collinear relationship between games’ popularity and game console fame. Because a game like PES 2013 is very popular Playstation is preferred by all the players of virtual soccer simulation game.
This time there are great deals of the game consoles. On the cover page Call of Duty, GTA and LEGO recent versions have been exhibited. Also PS4 with Assassins Creed are priced together at $569.
* Lego Movie Videogame, pg; 69 pg;2
* Titanfall, $79
* Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, PS4, $69
* Killzone: Shadow Fall, $79 for PS4
* Xbox One Play and Charge kit, $29
* PS4 dual shock controller, $84
* PS4 camera, $79
I have played Beyond Two Souls; it is a very good story. A small girl begins the story who is living with a soul that is controlled by the mind of that girl. Afterwards she is discovered by CIA and works for them. While working to government she has lots of problems on the operations which she needed to participate. It is a very interesting and thrilling story line when you get deeper. Check it out on pg; 3 where the price is only $44. The voices of Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page are featured on these characters.
* Skylanders Swap force characters, $16
* Nintendo 3DS XL bundle, $249 pg; 7
* Super Mario Bros. 2, $59
* WiiU premium bundle, $399 pg; 6

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Target Easter Sale Catalogue with Kids Clothing Range Available Here

It is a big lookbook to find out new prices adjusted for the new kids clothing fashion at Target. You may need to change some of Target Easter Sale Catalogue with Kids Clothing Rangethe pieces currently available in your wardrobe before the holiday and you may want to do it for modest costs. Target is the correct address to do it properly without lack of something. Low price ? It is available at Target. High quality for large product variety ? This is what Target does every time.
April’s first catalogue focused on the clothing varieties for everyone. Especially for kids, this range will be sufficient for the usual requirements of a change. It is more than change actually it is a renewing the fashion currently you use:
* New York print tee, $5
* Bunny print tee, $4
* Target Essentials print top, $4 pg; 2
* Fleece sweat top, $18
* Trackpants, $12
Teens love to wear loose ended tops, and fitted pants. Especially girls getting more familiar with the printed pants even when wearing that of printed denim pants. For example pg; 3 includes three pieces of offers by Target for girls and boys. When deeply analyzing this fashion you can get the understanding of the new fashion this week.
Price for wearings of babies and children are available on pg; 4&5:
* Costume sleepsuit bear, $35 pg; 4
* Hooded Bunny gown, $20 pg; 5
* Print coveralls, new baby, $7
Comfortable sports style products are found on pg; 6&7. These would be much more appropriate if you are looking for those products. Kids’ clothing ends with nursery and footwear on pg; 8&9. This where the nursery products like car seat, swaddle wraps for babies can be seen. Sports shoes for kids can be found on pg; 9 and the lowest price is $10 which makes you save at least $6 on that sale.


Women’s cool autumn-winter collections are coming up these days among the online Target catalogues. The most interesting product is light weight parka priced at only $40. It is a perfect coverall for the autumn weather. It looks very cool and this is because stylish ladies prefer to wear this beautiful thing outside. Jeans, from $10 to $40 are considered the number one wearing that is compatible with the parka. I recommend you to have a vivid color like Natural exhibited on pg; 11.
Men’s Clothing:
* Fleece hoodies, $25 pg; 12
* Slim fit jeans, $40
* Flannelette shirts, $15
* Skinny jeans, $40 pg; 13.
We will talk about more products.

Also see:
– Kitchen and serving wares ON PG; 14&15
– Bedroom quilt covers and accessory range including pillows and more pg; 16
– Some home entertainment electronics with speakers, pg; 17
– Electronics like digital camera, navigations, headphones on pg; 18-19.
– Playstation, XBOX, Nintendo, Wii Games on pg; 20,21.
– Toy sale starting on pg; 23
– Easter special products on pg; 28.

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