Starts 12 June 2014 - Ends 18 June 2014

Target Catalogue Huge Toy Sale 2014

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We know that everyone is looking for the Australia's Biggest toy sale which has been always our favorite toy range exhibited on the Target catalogues published in June and July in general.

You are able to seek the products and browse the entire sale full of reduced price range on the catalogue page section of the site.

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  • Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

About Target Catalogue Huge Toy Sale 2014

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Target Catalogue huge toy sale has many benefits because customers can reach the highest quality brands of toys, popular kids entertainment products and more.

One of the attractions that may make you take a look at this catalogue can be half prices.

Kids can spend majority of their times during the day entertaining with these products.

All the toys on pg; 3 can be purchased for half prices of the previous values.


Play sets, swings and Nerf guns can be categorized under this header which you may find on pg; 8.

3 products there are exclusive to Target.

To me the prices are also special because of lowest level that is impossible to find in any discount store.


Most scooter or bikes can be found on the pg; 9 where the price for Lotus F1 ride on car is sale at $49

All the products have been reduced by half featured this week.


Lately released video games including Assassin's Creed III, Need For Speed, Battlefield 4 and more and Skylanders Giants figurines popular this month can be found on pg; 10.