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Target Catalogue Australia Toy Sale 2014 July Review

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When you turn it to pg;2 you can see all the categories like "girls' toys", craft, construction toys, vehicle toys and similar.

So if you are in search for something particular that would be more helpful for you as well.

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Target Catalogue Australia Toy Sale 2014 July Review Page 13 Page 13 of the products on this page :

  • All Costumes
  • Turtles Deluxe Costume Sizes 3-4 Or 5-6
  • Captain America To Hulk Reversible Costume Sizes 4-6
  • Ultimate Spidey To Black Spidey Reversible Costume Sizes 4-6
  • Octonauts Octopod Playset
  • Octonauts Gup Fleet Mega Pack
  • Octonauts Octo-Crew Pack
  • Octonauts Gup-A-Extendo Claw
  • Jake Musical Pirate Ship Bucky
  • Jake And The Never Land Pirates Hook's Jolly Roger
  • Jake Pirate's Radio Controlled Skateboard
  • V-Tech Jake Spy And Learn Telescope

About Target Catalogue Australia Toy Sale 2014 July Review

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Toys of Lego which are very popular and preferred by kids at most are available on pg; 28-29.


City, Star Wars, Ninjago and more stories of Lego toys can be found on the mentioned pages.

This is considered to be unisex toy group.


After blok toys section of the catalogue on pg; 32 visitors are able to see vehicle toys like the ones modelled as the view of race cars of Formula.

Mega Blaster, helicopter and some more cars can also be found on the same page.


This may be considered to be the one which is amazingly loved by kids because movie and cartoon effects the kids and lead them to have the figurines of the heroes who are in the cartoon.

Mostly Mutant Ninja Turtles and Spiderman are top toys and customes of the Target Toy sale.

See also Star Wars, Toy Story, How to Train Your Dragon, Barbie and bikes on the featured new display of the Target Australia Toy Sale 2014 !

This is perhaps the greatest toy sale in the world from the capital place of world of toys; Australia.