Starts 26 June 2014 - Ends 02 July 2014

Target Autumn Sale 2014

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This is one of the new clearance advertisement by the Target Autumn Catalogue Sale with numerous type of product ranges.

Generally home supplies, kitchen electrical appliances, toy sale at the end and more offers are available with reduced rates on this new catalogue.

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  • Tiara Craft Set Or Licensed Activity Sets
  • 16GB iPad 2 WiFi + 3G
  • Final Reductions On Autumn Clothing

About Target Autumn Sale 2014

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Please visit pg; 2-3 to get involved in the section of electronics like iPad, and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

See also iPhone 4S on pg; 3 at which the price is only $399 which is currently featured.


Since the tax time came up you may need a lot of things from stationery aisles of the shops.

You can fulfill any need of yours with this theme and reach the best prices by Target on pg; 4-5.


Electronic sections of the Target Catalogues can be both for entertainments or essentials.

Visit the pg; 8-9 which contains the list and images of the products like GoPro Hero 3 action camera, smart phones, some basic electronics accessories.


See 40% off on All Ronson electrical appliances appearing on the pg; 10 at which the price of Ronson pressure cooker is $89 !

On the same page you can buy banquet frypan for only $45 !

Bedroom accessories including quilts, sheets and pillows are available on pg; 11.

The accessory range also contains prices for towels.


You will come across with the lower prices and larger product ranges of the toys with this catalogue.

But the big launch hadn't came up yet and we are waiting it to do so in July 2014.

Check out some prices from Target Toy Sale.

Remember that this is the last discount range for the Autumn clothings, underwear, beauty, accessories and similar sort of products.