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Target Catalogue - Home Sweet Home Fashion

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  • Rapid Loss
  • Rapid Loss Shakes
  • Celebrity Slim
  • Women's Or Men's Swisse Ultivite
  • Celebrity Slim 7 Day Assorted Shakes
  • Your Best Body By Michelle Bridges
  • Swisse
  • Skincare, Suncare And Tanning Brands

About Target Catalogue - Home Sweet Home Fashion

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We are continuing with cosmetics from Target’s home sale catalogue.
In last week of February Target surprised us with reducing these prices for big Target cosmetics sale.
Covergirl, nude, L’oreal and many more qualities can be found at Target’s cosmetics.

We may not talk about every item of this huge range, but we will give most popular ones:
Revitalift L’oreal Paris, $44.95.
$5 off in L’oreal Cosmetics sale.
30% OFF on Leo Bancroft shampoos.
Garnier skicare, 30% $11.95
See brands that are reduced by 25% OFF.
Rapid loss, $30 ea.

See more offers within this sale. Check out pg, 1,2,3,4. Fragrances by Lady Gaga Fame, Heidi Klum Surprise EDT, Beyonce and more famous Star.
For 2 Weeks,
Maybelline Cosmetics, 25% off
Rimmel Face, $5 off
You buy one Rimmel nails and get the secon one for free.
Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 cream. (NEW), $11.95. At Target. In-store or Online.

On Pg; 8. Revlon cosmetic item makes you get the second one for free. 25% OFF on Nude by Nature, natural gradual tan and mineral cover.
You will be able to ask whatever you stick to Target’s beauty Assistants, in stores.
Also see 20-30% reduced prices of other cosmetics on pg; 9-10. Personal care products; fresh burst, Pantene treatments Oral-B and feet care products are available.